Plastic and visual artist graduated from Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda" (ENPEG). She is currently based in Oaxaca, MX.

Lissette Jiménez Díaz
Skylight, March 2020
I was commissioned to do a piece in an open space, approximately 16’ by 8’, in an apartment in Oaxaca. The dominant feature of the space is an old skylight. From the beginning I realized that I could use it to focus attention on the relationship of natural light and the passing of time.  To enhance the light I added mirrored glass to the walls of the skylight. 
I used corn flour paste to attach very small shards of pottery to the three walls of the space and added a horizontal glass border bonded with holographic paper approximately 10 cm. above the floor. The sun passing through the day creates constantly changing forms that are reflected across the surface of the space. Also, the arc of the sun changes from day to day so no two consecutive days are identical.
Glass enhances light; gravity, another marker of time, pulls shards from the wall to accumulate on the glass. The skylight connects the open sky with an enclosed domestic space. In the early days of humanity our understanding of time was visual.