Plastic and visual artist graduated from Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda" (ENPEG). She is currently based in Oaxaca, MX. 

Lissette Jiménez Díaz
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Skylight, 2020 | Installation | Room measuresment 9.5 m2 | Very small shards of pottery obtain by crushing a vessel into pieces that are attached to the three walls of the room with corn flour paste and horizontal glass border bonded with holographic paper approximately 10 cm. above the floor.
In the early days of humanity our understanding of time was visual.

 I was commissioned to do a piece in a spare room, approximately sixteen by eight feet in a Oaxacan apartment. The dominant feature of this space was an old skylight in the ceiling. From the beginning, I realized that I could use the skylight to focus my attention on the ephemeral qualities of natural light and the passage of time. 

Throughout the day the passing sun constantly changed the forms that were reflected across the surfaces of the gallery. No two consecutive days were identical. The space was filled with light and air, and potentially with thoughts and memories.